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Board Role Descriptions

Social Media Chair

Reports to: President


Two years (additional 2-year term possible)


Must be a current member of WHPRMS. Background and success in social media strategy and application. Advanced knowledge and understanding of social media, networking platforms and monitoring suite suppliers. Experience working in health care marketing industry. Experience in video production, website design and healthcare marketing campaign development.

Job summary

Oversees the organization’s social media strategy, researches new ideas for effective social media development and execution, coordinates effective social broadcasting that is fully integrated within outlets available to WHPRMS.


      • Creates and executes a written plan for social media strategies that support the organizations mission and vision for calendar year. Presents plan to board for approval by February 15
      • Tracks the effectiveness of social media strategies and associated campaigns and reports at board of director meetings
      • Makes changes and/or additions to WHPRMS website when requested by president
      • Offers supportive services for WHPRMS communications to membership as requested by president
      • Monitors other organizational social media campaigns and reports back to board to keep board apprised of trends in the industry
      • Offers pro bono web/email services to WHPRMS

        • Upon approval of board, invoices WHPRMS for any out-of-pocket expenses incurred, including: back end programming, hosting, domain, e-mail database, Constant Contact.
        • Seeks board approval for any unbudgeted activities/expenditures
        • Performs other related duties as requested by the president
        • Revises planning materials and presents to board
        • Attends at least four Board of Directors meetings/phone conferences annually, either in-person or via phone. Special exceptions will be made upon approval by the president
        • Updates job description if needed and forwards to the president

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