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Board Role Descriptions

Membership Chair

Reports to: President


Two years (additional 2-year term possible)


Must be a current member of WHPRMS. Consideration will be given to professional expertise and involvement and service to the organization.

Job summary

Processes and maintains all membership records and serves as the contact person for all WHPRMS membership inquiries. Works to recruit new members and retain existing ones.


  • Serves on the executive council with President, Secretary and Treasurer
  • Creates written plan for retaining and recruiting members, presents for board approval by February 15
  • Works with Badger Bay to maintain current membership file and database. Records should include items such as date of initial application, board positions held, leadership recognition status and other demographic fields
  • Sends welcome e-mail or letter to new members with information about membership benefits.
  • Provides updated membership list at every board meeting
  • Provides membership reports as requested
  • Processes renewals as they arrive and sends appropriate reminders as renewal deadline approaches (Payments are electronic)
  • Responds to all membership inquiries
  • Welcomes new members within two weeks using the approved welcome letter document and WHPRMS gift
  • Recruits new members and works with the board to actively increase membership
  • Seeks out new members at conferences to introduce themselves and other members
  • Assesses membership applications, determines status of applicant and reports to the board any action taken on new members. If the membership chair is unsure about the status of an applicant, the decision is to be referred to the board
  • Provides membership information to non-members at WHPRMS programs
  • Keeps membership benefits sheet up-to-date for the website and other board members
  • Solicit new members through membership drives, college campus mailings, etc.
  • Communicates with Board of Directors regarding any information of interest to WHPRMS members
  • Efficiently utilizes available resources, seeking board approval for any unbudgeted activities/expenditures
  • Performs other related duties as requested by the president
  • Revises planning materials and presents to the new membership chair
  • Attends at least four Board of Directors meetings/phone conferences annually, either in-person or via phone. Special exceptions will be made upon approval by the president.
  • Updates job description if needed and forwards to the president

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