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Board Role Descriptions


Reports to: Board of Directors


One year (additional 1-year term possible)


Must have been a member of WHPRMS for at least three years and be a current or past member of the Board of Directors for at least one year prior to becoming president. Consideration will be given to professional expertise and involvement and service to the organization.

Job summary

Plans, organizes, staffs, directs and controls those areas of responsibility delegated by the Board of Directors and the constitution.


  • Serves on the Executive Committee with Secretary, Treasurer and Membership Chair
  • Sends welcome letters to new board members with general orientation information and job descriptions
  • Schedules board transition meeting for last meeting in calendar year, including both old and new board members and transition agenda
  • Arranges to have name added to signature card on checking account with treasurer
  • Develops agendas, and schedules and presides over board meetings and phone conferences
  • Presides at annual conference, including welcome before first keynote speaker, serving as MC at Thursday awards dinner and annual meeting
  • Ensures adherence to the constitution, bylaws and code of ethics, updating them annually if needed and presenting them to the Board of Directors for approval. Works with the secretary to ensure that all members receive notice of the proposed changes at least two weeks prior to the annual meeting
  • Delegates appropriate duties, responsibilities and authority to board members and committee chairs within the guidelines of the constitution
  • Maintains regular correspondence with the membership on matters pertaining to the society
  • Oversees committees and task forces of the society and monitors progress
  • Acts as official spokesperson
  • Provides an authorizing signature when necessary, such as on award certificates, welcome letters, etc.
  • Conducts membership satisfaction survey at least every two years in order to monitor the value of the society and identify areas of improvement or opportunities of growth
  • Assumes overall responsibility in cooperation with the treasurer for the fiscal management of the organization and works with treasurer to develop a budget for the following year
  • Reports appropriate information to the board in the absence of officers
  • Provides updates to the website chair on the following items: code of ethics, bylaws, constitution, mission, vision, etc.
  • Serves as liaison between WHPRMS and the Society for Healthcare Strategy and Market Development (SHSMD), attending their annual conference or appointing a board member to do so
  • Performs related duties and attends additional meetings as a representative of WHPRMS as assigned by the Board of Directors
  • Works with the Board of Directors prior to the annual meeting to fill open board positions. Contacts current board members and solicits their interest in serving again on the board. Notifies membership of vacant positions and asks them to express their interest in being considered for board positions. Contacts interested members and explains responsibilities and the nominating process. Notifies those nominated, presents the slate of officers to membership at least two weeks prior to the annual meeting. Presents nominees to the membership for vote at annual meeting
  • Sends a notice of the annual meeting to all voting members of the society at least two weeks in advance of the meeting
  • Prepares a written report and verbally summarizes the society’s strategic plan to the membership during the annual meeting
  • Reviews strategic plan and ensures that elements needing action remain on the board’s agenda for discussion
  • Recognizes outgoing board members with a card and gift at the December transition meeting
  • Provides new president information, board agenda templates, etc. in November/December
  • Efficiently utilizes available resources, seeking board approval for any unbudgeted activities/expenditures
  • Revises planning materials and presents to new president
  • Reviews job descriptions for all board positions to ensure they reflect the current objectives and goals of the society
  • Attends six Board of Directors meetings/phone conferences annually, either in-person or via phone. Special exceptions will be made upon approval by the Executive Committee

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